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Mediation and other
Conflict Management Services

The Mediation Services Program in the Office of the Ombuds offers professional conflict management consultation, education and services to faculty, staff, students and administrators. Our core service is structured, informal, confidential mediation designed to facilitate the effective management of workplace disputes. Services are provided on a voluntary basis by trained, impartial mediators. Mediation is a non-adversarial process that emphasizes open and productive communication in addressing conflicts with the goal of reaching an understanding or agreement.

Mediation services are:

  • Confidential - no information generated from mediation is placed in any personnel or administrative file; information remains confidential and is not shared unless all parties choose and agree to do so.

  • Informal - our process is not an administrative process; however, it is structured in terms of what parties can expect during mediation.

  • Voluntary - all parties must agree to participate in mediation.

Other conflict management services are available, including:

  • Conflict coaching - a one-on-one service to assist an employee with understanding conflict and developing appropriate interaction strategies and/or interaction skills.

  • Difficult conversation facilitation - services to assist parties in engaging productively in difficult meetings; all parties must agree to the presence of an impartial facilitator.

  • Group facilitation for departments, units or teams experiencing conflict - a variety of tools are offered to assist teams with developing constructive communication and collaboration agreements to develop "team conflict competence".



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